• Lalibela Churches

    In Lalibela you will find main groups of churches, one on each side of the river Jordan and the other church set apart from the rest.

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  • Danakil Depression

    One of the most important features of this region of Africa resulted from faulting and cracking on its eastern side.

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  • Karo People

    The Karo Excel in face and body painting, practiced in preparation of their dance and ceremonies

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  • epiphany timket

    Timiket is the greatest festival of the year, falling on 29 January, just two weeks after the Ethiopian Christmas

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  • Axum Stelea

    Axum is known for its massive, towering sculptures that are more than two thousand years old their significance is still under investigation

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  • Hamer people

    They are known for their practice of body adornment & wearing a multitude of beads. Women adorn their necks with heavy polished iron jewelry.

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    The Simien Mountains National Park was created with the intention of conserving the Walia Ibex and other endemic species.

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  • Meskal Festival

    It signifies the physical presence of the true cross at the remote mountain monastery of Gishen Mariam located in the Welo region

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