Zersi Ethiopia Tours

  • Size:5,060km2(First)
  • Region: Gambella
  • Geographical Location:-West Ethiopia,850km west of Addis Ababa
  • Altitude:400-768m
  • Physical features:EXTENSIVE Swamps and wetlands of the Akobo river system
  • Rainfall;is1500mm a year, falling b/n April and October
  • Temperatures:are high
  • Vegetation:-Semi-arid open Woodland, Savannah,swamp
  • Fauna:-The park conations forty-one(41) Species many representative of neighboring Sudanand not found elsewhere in Ethiopia, suchas Nile Lechwe and the white-eared kob,the latter migrating in Large numbers. Roan antelope, topi, elephant, buffalo, lelwel hartbeest, lion, and giraffe are also present.
  • Birdlife:-The most important of the 154 bird species present here is the whale-headed stork, an unusual large billed, tall bird seen standing in the swamps.
  • Visitor Facilities:NO development yet.