• Size:514km2(Eighth)
  • Region:SNNPR
  • Geographical Location:-505km.south –west ofAddis Ababa nearArbaMinch
  • Altitude:1,108-1,608m
  • Physical Features:The park is an impressive Swathe (wrapping)of whitegrass plains set against the back drop of Clearly Defined, deeply cut hills and Mountains. 78km ofThe Park is water-parts of Lake Chamo and abaya.
  • Temperature There are host springs at the far eastern sector of the Park.Temperature range B/n 110c and 260c. January to March is the hottest period with daily maximum of around 350c. November and December are typically the coldest month’s whit maximum of Around 280c.
  • Rainfall:averages 888(900)mm and mainly falls march to May and September to November.
  • Vegetation;-Savannah dry bush ground water forest.
  • Fauna:-Anubis baboon, verve Monkey, cloobus Monkey, Swayne’s Harte best, Busechel’s Zebra, African Wild dog greater kudu, cat, Grant’s gazelle, Guenther’s dik-dik, black –backed Jackal, Crocodile and hippopotamus.
  • Birdlife:-The 188(333) bird species, Including 2(3) endemics-of the area are quite varied reflecting the d/f habitats within the park . Both the red-billed and gerhornbill are Common here. The Three endemics are- thick-billed raven. The watt led Ibis and the mysterious, Nechisar nightjar. Also common are fish eagle, Kingfishers, and rollers, various bustard species are also found in the park, including the large and impressive kori. 
  • Visitor Facilities:Campsite in forest near kilfo river, Hotels in nearbytown of Arab Minch