• Size:4,068km2 (third)
  • Region: SNNPR
  • Geographical Location:870 km. south west of Addis Ababa on the west bank of the Omo River.
  • Altitude:440-1,183
  • Physical Features:Belts off forest along the omo and Mui Rivers, hot springs extensivewilderness. The grass plains are relieved by bands of hills to the north and south of the centrallylocated Park headquarters.
  • Temperatures:are high, ranging from 140c, and the rainfall averages 500 mm 780mm ayear. Falling B/n March and April, and September and October.
  • Vegetation:-Savannah,riverine forest, deciduous woodland. Acacia bush.
  • Fauna;-The parks wildlife includes, large herds of eland, and buffalo, elephant, giraffe,cheetah,lion,leopard,and Burchel’sZebra. Lesser Kudu.Lelwel Hartebeest, topi, and Oryx are all found here. As well as debrazzas and Colobus monkeys, and Anubis baboon. A total of 57(70) species of mammals can be found in the park.
  • Bird Life:306(318) species, one of which, the black winged love bird is endemic to Ethiopia.
  • Visitor Facilities:Campsite on River Museum