About Ethiopia

The land of thousands smiles home of the Ark of the Covenant, custodian of some of the world oldest civilization .this is Ethiopia, but how much do you really know about this amazing country ? Zersi Ethiopia tour and travel will fill in a few fascinating gap.

Ethiopia lies between the equator and the tropic of Capricorn. Its area is 1,112,000square kilometers. It is large as France and Spain combined, most parts of it are elevated plateau rising from 2122-4400 meters. Ethiopia is located between 3*N and 15*N Latitude and 33*E and 48* f of Longitude  

The innumerable ,magnificent crater lakes characterized by the  their aquatic life ,the interweaving rivers ,the enticing and graceful waterfalls , the extraordinary savannah and the unusual wild domains are mystery –covered and peculiar .the extensive national parks and game reserves are sanctuaries for the great number of wild life species .

Ethiopia is anchored in an ancient, cultured society. The rich culture of its affluent society is prominent .its societies comprise a mosaic of over 80 ethnic groups.

There are great and formidable stelae  ,timeless monuments, prehistoric cave painting, exotic rock-hewn churches .old monasteries ,castles ,mosques ,temples ,and there shrines ,which harbor and shield all sorts of irreplaceable ,irretrievable priceless moments .

It is the land of fabled queen of Sheba , home of the arc of the covenant , the birth place of coffee ,and Lucy ; the world’s oldest known complete hominid skeleton that ages from more than 3 million years .

Ethiopia is one of the few countries never to lose its independent.

There are nine national parks and four sanctuaries where 277 species of wild life and more than 850 species of bird can be seen.